CAPTCHA is very common these days especially while purchasing online products or logging into a website. The use of CAPTCHA for these websites is to ensure that they are dealing with a human in a condition where human interaction is essential for security.

Dealing with a CAPTCHA is pretty essential in web scraping since it can easily break down the crawlers during the process of data extraction. So, for the developers who code their own scrapers, there are many CAPTCHA solving services that can be integrated into their scraping system. …

Web scraping or Web data extraction is a way to automatically extract meaningful data available on websites. When there is no direct access to gather data using API or feeds, web scraping can be an effective way to automate data extraction.

In this article, we are going to use PHP to create a simple yet effective Web scraping script. This will be our starting point to dive deep into the field of web scraping using PHP. So, let’s begin!

In this example, we will write a simple scraping script, that will scrape book data from …

Web scraping is used to extract content and data from websites. These content and data are used by a number of digital businesses, market researchers, and many more to make lucrative business decisions.

Web scraping with Ruby using Kimurai gem is pretty simple. Here, I want to explain, how we can scrape apps data from the Slack apps directory with Ruby and Kumari gem. I am using this category URL as an example — to scrape apps data. If you check the link you will see the page something like this:

Here, when we click on each app of…

This guide is basically for beginners who want to learn Ruby on Rails from scratch. In this tutorial, we will create a simple Rails application with Rails 6.0 that performs CRUD operations. CRUD operations are the basic building block in most of the web development and it stands for: Create, Read, Update, and Delete.

Before starting, I assume that you have already set up rails on your computer. I have used Ruby 2.6 and Rails 6.0. I’ll be using atomtext editor.

Now let's begin:

Step1: Open your terminal, go to a directory where you have rights to create rails application and type:


What after SLC? or What after plus 2? probably the biggest question that grips those who are about to cross this stage. While some might have planned their career carefully and relevantly, it is likely that others simply haven’t. Many students seem totally confused and most of them in peer pressure to choose random subjects which are not of their subject interest. As a consequence, they lack their confidence to pursue their interest. A smartly selected career offers many opportunities while a silly choice leads to nowhere.

Students are having a hard time to find out the right path for…

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